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Winning Strategies for Managing Multiple Offers as a Real Estate Agent

Mastering the Art of Multiple Offers: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide

By educating clients, maintaining transparency, and adhering to best practices, real estate agents can manage multiple offers effectively. Whether representing buyers or sellers, agents must prioritize clear communication, fairness, and professionalism to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. In this dynamic and competitive market, the role of a skilled agent is more critical than ever.

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Master the art of real estate listings and unlock your real estate potential
Mastering Wholesale Real Estate- A Complete Guide to Getting Started for real estate professionals
7 Best Books for Real Estate Agents

The Ultimate List: 7 Best Books for Real Estate Agents

Whether you're a seasoned agent or just starting out, the right knowledge can make all the difference. From lead generation to marketing, from mastering sales to developing a winning mindset, these books cover all the essential aspects of the business, making them a must-read for any ambitious real estate professional

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Becoming the go-to agent in your neighborhood with real estate farming
open house questionnaire for real estate agents with 8 examples for good questions to include
How to become a certified distressed property expert - guide for real estate agents

12 Engaging Real Estate Newsletter Ideas with Examples

Discover 12 engaging real estate newsletter ideas and examples to unleash the power of your communication. Whether it's market updates or home improvement tips, this article will help you create newsletters that your clients and prospects will look forward to receiving.

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How To Find A Work-Life Balance As A Real Estate Agent - 610

How To Find A Work-Life Balance As A Real Estate Agent

Finding a work-life balance can be challenging for real estate agents who often have demanding schedules and client needs. However, maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life is crucial for overall well-being and long-term success.

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10 Tips on how to deal with a difficult client as a real estate agent
8 Ways on how to become the go-to agent for real estate investors
How to keep real estate sellers and buyers on track in the real estate market in 2023
There are 8 things real estate agents should keep in mind in order to be successful in real estate in 2023
Best Apps for Real Estate Professionals to make you stand out from the crowd
Real Estate Tips for Making Every Buyer a Happy Customer in 2023
10 Email Service Providers to Create Your Free Business Email in 2022
9 Steps to Improve the Project Planning Process
10 words you should never use when replying to your clients in emails
Planning the Perfect Day as a Real Estate Agent
How to politely decline a business offer + free email templates
How to politely accept a business offer (includes free templates)
How to export emails to PDF with Folio by Amitree
Free Real Estate Email Templates
step by step guide on project planning process in 2022
complete guide to email project management in 2022

Amitree Statement on Ukraine

Amitree will be donating 100% of new subscription revenue from March to the Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund via GlobalGiving. Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine.

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A real estate agent's guide to the housing market in the US in 2022 - trends and predictions
How important is email in project management

The Role of Email in Project Management

Email plays an important role in project management. Every day, project work is planned, discussed and shared via email all around the world. Here's how an email-based project management system can simplify your workflow. 

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10 Professional Goals for Work in 2022 (with Examples)

Whether you freelance, work for a company or manage a business, everyone can benefit from setting some new goals in 2022. Here are 10 examples of professional goals for work you can pursue for greater career fulfillment, plus how to get started on them. 

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the best virtual staging software for all realtors in 2022
Websiteplanet interviews Jonathan Aizen - Folio by Amitree
email signature in gmail - how to add it in 2022
Free Open House Sign-in Sheets for Realtors in 2021
5 examples of apology emails you can write to your clients
why do you need a task tracker
12 Open House Ideas that Generate Leads for Real Estate Agents
tricks for speeding up your business workflow 2021
ideas for creating a professional email address (2021)
how to be a successful real estate agent in 2021
What is the meaning of BCC in email

What Is BCC in Email?

BCC is a useful email feature for protecting privacy while sharing a copy of an email with an individual or group of people. It sounds pretty simple, and it is — but there's an important email etiquette for how to use BCC in email the right way.

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The best gmail add-ons and extensions of 2021
tips for conquering your inbox by organizing your email
what is the meaning of CC in email

What Is CC in Email?

CC is a handy method for sending copies of an email to additional people to keep them in the loop. It sounds pretty simple, and it is — but there's a whole email etiquette for how to use CC in email the right way.

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CC and BCC - what is the difference and how to use them in Gmail
best advice for new real estate agents in 2021
best fake email generators
too many emails in your inbox - here is the solution
will a part-time real estate agent salary be sufficient
what is inbox zero in Gmail and how to achieve it in 2021
gmail desktop app

How to Get Gmail as a Desktop App

Gmail is probably one of your most-used applications. You might even keep it open all day in your web browser — but what if you want to skip the browser and just focus on using Gmail on desktop for your work?

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how successful people stay productive - 3 secrets
a productivity app can help you save time at work
AI can make you more productive in the workplace
choosing the best free task manager
8 automation things for better productivity
how to save time as a busy professional

How to Stop Wasting Time Using Project Trackers

Project trackers are supposed to help you stay organized and save time by allowing you to track all of a project's tasks, their status, ownership, and completion rate but that's not always how it goes. Learn how Folio's automated tasks tracking can help.

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why you should track your email productivity
choose the best to-do list method
Email etiquette tips
Organize emails in Gmail
podcasts for real estate agents
Email organization best practices
Professional Email Tips
Free real estate email templates
Email productivity tips
Advertising ideas for real estate
Real estate productivity tips
email marketing for real estate agents
Tools for successful real estate agents
digital marketing tools for real estate
Closing real estate transactions
close real estate deals on time

How to Close Real Estate Transactions on Time (Part 1)

Knowing how to close on time under these circumstances requires knowledge of the process, the right tools, and special attention to get through common hold-up points. In this three-part series, we'll look at each of these key areas, starting with the residential real estate transaction closing process itself.

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Tennessee home buying and selling process
Real estate agent video conference tips

The Real Estate Agent Guide to Video Conferencing

More and more, real estate work is taking place remotely. That can be a challenge for agents because real estate is a traditionally face-to-face business. But building the same great connection virtually is possible if you have the right tools and techniques.

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Zillow Premier vs Realtor Pro
COVID-19 real estate transaction volume
Questions sellers will ask

5 Questions Post-COVID Home Sellers Will Ask

While the coronavirus remains a big element of daily life, many parts of the country are proceeding with phased reopenings. Given this, home sellers and buyers are looking for answers from agents about what they need to know to help calm anxieties.

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best email service for real estate gmail outlook

Gmail vs. Outlook: The Best Email for Real Estate Agents

Gmail and Outlook are the two major players in the email and productivity space for a wide variety of personal and business uses. For real estate agents, productivity and organization are the keys to running a successful business and serving both buyers and sellers.

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real estate home office tips

5 Tips for Organizing Your Real Estate Home Office

Staying organized while working from home can be a challenge. It's important to take a few minutes each day to get organized. In this post, we share five tips that can help you stay on track and look like a pro with your tidy real estate home office.

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Matterport 3d tour of home
real estate closing during covid 19
virtual real estate showings 1
tools real estate agents should use

How to Secure Your Email: Real Estate Edition

As a real estate agent, your email account is a valuable asset that you rely on to communicate with clients, coordinate with brokers, and, ultimately, to get deals closed. Here are 5 simple steps to secure your email account.

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grow real estate business
Google trends for real estate websites
Efficient real estate agents

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Be More Efficient in 2022

As a real estate agent, you know how busy things can get. The days are long when you're showing houses, negotiating offers, and talking with clients. It's common for agents to work on weekends and average 50+ hours per week. Real estate is a competitive business that requires long hours to be successful.

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Docusign and Amitree collaboration

DocuSign + Folio = Faster Signatures

We've partnered with DocuSign to bring the process of getting signatures right into your inbox. With one click, you can select which parties need to sign and get under contract fast. Here's Realtor® Margaret Rubin with her take on why that's so important.

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Docusign and Amitree collaboration
Paul Hickman

How Paul Hickman gets the most out of Folio

Meet Paul Hickman. He's a Realtor® from Madison, WI who uses Folio to streamline his business. Staying organized, keeping everyone on track with timelines, and saving hours upon hours chasing down documents with Folio's PDF Download feature: Paul does it all.

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Pro upgrades + Homes for Our Troops

Today, we're running a different kind of promotion. In honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, on this Memorial Day, we're donating 50% of all 1st month fees for those who upgrade to Pro to Homes for Our Troops.

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How We’re Making Folio Even More Secure with Google

You may have seen some news about Google’s move to more tightly regulate what third party companies can do with access to users’ Gmail. We couldn’t be more excited to participate in this process, as it will make Gmail safer, more secure, and build more trust in using products like Folio in Gmail.

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