The Best Fake Email Generators and Why You Need One


September 15, 2021

amitree by folio - fake email generators and why you need one

If you’ve ever hesitated when someone asks for your email address, you understand why a disposable temporary email address might be a good thing to have.

You probably already get too many emails you don’t want or need — and don’t want to get even more.

When you give out your email address to unknown companies or websites, there’s a risk you’ll be bombarded with pushy sales emails, mailing list emails, newsletters you didn’t sign up for, and flat-out spam.

But with a fake email generator, you can stay safe online and protect your inbox.

Fake email generators are handy for creating a temporary email address to protect your privacy and keep your inbox free of spam.

Here are our favorite picks for the best fake email generators of 2021, plus the five reasons you definitely want to have one.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Throwaway Email Account

amitree by folio - 5 reasons why you need a fake email account

There’s nothing fake about a fake email generator. This is a tool that can quickly create real, usable email addresses so that you, your company and your main email account stay private.

Fake email accounts go by many names — burner email addresses, throwaway email addresses, temporary email addresses, disposable email addresses — but they all work the same way.

A disposable email address can receive mail just like a normal address. Some fake email generators also let you send outgoing messages. And some generate a fake email address that you can reuse as long as you want.

There are five big reasons it makes sense to have a burner email address in 2021:

  1. Privacy – A valid email is mandatory for many online activities, like service signups, email confirmations, form submissions and downloads. But it can be risky giving a real address, since some sites collect private information to sell or share with third parties. Using a throwaway email in these situations keeps your real address private.
  1. Security – An email address you use everyday for personal and professional communications may not always be the best one to give out to strangers. Anonymous forums, dating websites, classified ads and other websites you don’t trust can present a safety issue. Using a burner email helps keep you safe and secure.
  1. Testing – A fake email generator comes in very handy when you’re doing work in certain technical fields. Websites features, customer signups, downloads and other development and quality assurance tasks require a temporary email account for testing and troubleshooting. Using a throwaway email keeps your main inbox neat and tidy.
  1. Spam – An email address you give out to everyone is soon going to be overwhelmed with spam. Too many spam emails can lead to email overload, where you have trouble getting your work done and it starts to affect your sanity and health. Using a disposable email address for fishy websites helps protect your real address from spam.
  1. Organization – A single email inbox used for everything is going to be hard to maintain, even if you filter out spam. A typical inbox receives 126 messages a day, making it hard to consistently get through all your messages daily and achieve inbox zero. Using a throwaway email address for unimportant mail helps keep your main inbox organized.

10 Best Fake Email Generators

Lots of people recognize the importance of keeping a primary email address safe and secure in 2021. That means you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best fake email generator. These are our favorite picks for 2021.

1. Guerrilla Mail

guerrilamail - favorite fake email generator for 2021

Launched in 2006, Guerrilla Mail is one of the original fake email generators. Though its interface is a little dated, it’s stood the test of time. It’s safe, it works and it’s completely free.

Guerrilla Mail lets you generate unlimited fake email addresses and choose your own domain name. Unlike some disposable email generators, Guerrilla Mail can also send mail and handle attachments. Emails delete after one hour. Saved addresses can be reused.

2. TrashMail

TrashMail is another classic fake email generator that’s been around since 2002. Trash mail’s best feature is that it can forward mail to your real address, protecting your real email from spam.

You can set the number of forwards as well as the lifespan of the account from a single use to unlimited. TrashMail has a free option as well as an upgrade option that allows extra features.

3. OwlyMail

OwlyMail is a newer fake email generator that has been compared favorably to Guerrilla Mail. Its best feature is that it works with services like Netflix, Facebook and Twitter that often block disposable email addresses.

OwlyMail burner email addresses are reusable and the tool is one of the only ones that send you notifications when you get a message. It’s also available with Firefox and Chrome browser extensions.

4. EmailOnDeck

EmailOnDeck offers fast and free temporary email addresses in just two steps. Generating emails is super easy and the tool uses and minimalist modern interface.

EmailOnDeck securely deletes your old emails, is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly and offers a pro subscription option for added features. 

5. 10minutemail

10minutemail - fake email generator of 2021

10minutemail offers just what it advertises — a free temporary email address that works for 10 minutes. It’s a great tool when you just need a private disposable email inbox to receive a signup confirmation email.

Email addresses with 10minutemail are automatically generated with domain names that update periodically. Plus, if you need more time, you can reset the countdown clock for another 10 minutes.


If the 10-minute countdown of 10minutemail is too stressful, you can try Tempail, which generates temporary email addresses that are good for one hour.

With Tempail, you can sign up for websites and social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, and read your incoming emails. It uses a modern and clean interface and offers a QR code feature to access your email address again.

7. Fake Mail Generator

If an hour still isn’t enough time to handle your throwaway email, you can try Fake Mail Generator, which generates a burner email address that works for a full 24 hours.

This tool features instant activation as soon as you open the page and lets you choose from a list of country-specific domain names.

8. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a temporary email address generator that creates free anonymous fake emails with believable-sounding domain names automatically.

This tool features sleek apps for iOS and Android that offer in-app purchases for premium features, such as an ad-free interface, custom domain names, multiple inboxes and extended email storage.

9. Nada Temp Mail

Nada Temp Mail is a fake email generator that helps you protect your real inbox with a throwaway email address that’s automatically generated.

This temp Email tool comes with an easy-to-use interface plus a Chrome extension. Email addresses can be reused as long as the temporary domain is active, while individual messages are deleted after seven days.

10. Gmailnator

Gmailnator is a disposable email generator that conveniently creates a usable Gmail email address for you without any registration. Messages delete automatically after 24 hours.

Gmailnator gives you the reliability of a Gmail address without the hassle of having to set one up. It’s even possible to create random Gmail addresses in bulk.

More Ways to Keep Your Gmail and Outlook Inbox Clean

Disposable temporary email addresses are one way to control spam and keep your inbox from getting overwhelmed with too many emails. But there are other options you might want to consider if your inbox is already stuffed and disorganized.

Folio is a great tool for cleaning out your messy inbox and keeping all your messages securely organized. It uses AI-powered algorithms that can save you hours a week managing your inbox.

Unlike a fake email generator that requires a separate website or app, Folio works with your existing Gmail or Outlook inbox as an email add-on.

As a Google partner, Folio meets high standards for security and privacy. It’s an email productivity app trusted by more than 150,000 professionals to organize sensitive email communications.

Click here to try Folio today to save time managing your email and keep your inbox neat and tidy.

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