Top 20 Online Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools To Try Today


November 20, 2020

Real estate marketing tools

The real estate industry is more competitive than ever. To succeed, you have to stand out. 

Like much of daily life, real estate marketing has moved online. The best real estate marketing tools for agents are now digital — helping you connect with leads in email and text, as well as get ahead of the competition on the web.  

It may seem like there are a million different online real estate agent marketing tools, and there are a lot. In this post, we’ve narrowed it down to 20 of the most effective marketing tools for real estate agents and brokers. 

Whether you’re thinking about upping your game on lead generation, social media, or email marketing, we’ve got you covered. Here are our picks for the best marketing tools for real estate agents. 

1. Propertybase for All-in-One Online Marketing

For online marketing for real estate agents who are just starting out or those looking for a complete marketing solution, Propertybase has you covered with a full-service suite of tools, from a website builder to lead generation and email marketing. 

2. BoomTown for Lead Generation and Nurturing

As a purpose-built real estate CRM and lead generation tool, BoomTown is a great way to organize and manage leads, contacts, listings and workflows. This tool set helps agents and brokers maximize marketing ROI for your team.  

Real estate digital marketing tools

3. Realtor Pro for Premium Marketing Services 

With its premium subscription service features, Realtor Pro is one of the best tools for growing your online presence. Get started with a free account and then use premium features to capture and engage home buyer leads. 

4. Zillow Premier for Real Estate Services Tech 

Zillow Premier is the pro tool for agents looking to maximize their Zillow and Trulia marketing efforts, with a suite of premium tech tools to turn qualified leads into into buyers and sellers. Check out Amitree’s in-depth comparison of Zillow Premier and Realtor Pro for more info. 

5. REDX for Prospecting and Automatic Dialing 

Using a real estate prospecting and automatic dialing tool like REDX helps take the frustration out of calling through your list of leads manually. REDX offers a full prospecting platform to help you set more listing appointments. 

Real estate digital marketing tools

6. SimpleTexting for SMS Text Marketing 

Many real estate clients love the immediacy and personal touch of texting with their agent. SimpleTexting offers an all-in-one SMS marketing service to send SMS marketing campaigns or communicate one-on-one with leads.

7. Follow Up Boss for Sales Acceleration

Staying organized when you have a bunch of leads can be tricky, but Follow Up Boss makes it easy to track your leads, prioritize hot prospects, and easily respond to all your missed calls, texts and emails. 

8. Calendly for Appointment Booking 

Scheduling calls and meetings can be a hassle sometimes, with back and forth emails, text messages and phone calls, but Calendly makes it easy with a simple calendar integration to schedule meetings without the hassle. 

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9. Structurely for AI Lead Qualification

Artificial intelligence (AI) tech is helping agents qualify leads and schedule appointments automatically. Structurely uses an advanced chatbot to respond to prospects, ask the right questions and book your appointments 24/7. 

10. Leadpages for Landing Page Conversions

Getting your prospects to the right webpage can be key. Leadpages offers a powerful tool that lets you easily create code-free websites and landing pages to maximize your conversions and drive sales. 

11. Sendinblue for Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great inexpensive way to communicate with clients, nurture leads and build your brand. Sendinblue offers an all-in-one digital marketing toolbox for sending out newsletters and listing announcements.

Real estate marketing tools

12. Grasshopper for Custom Vanity Phone Numbers

A memorable custom phone number can help you build your brand and get more inbound leads. With Grasshopper, you can choose a toll-free or local phone number to call and text clients and receive calls. 

13. Breakthrough Broker for Marketing Communications

With Breakthrough Broker, you get a one-stop shop for real estate business communications including convenient and helpful templates for business plans, marketing letters, listing worksheets and closing checklists. 

14. Planoly for Instagram Management and Scheduling

You can now optimize your social media management and scheduling efforts with Planoly. Plan and schedule your marketing content for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with one simple tool. 

Digital marketing tools for real estate agents

15. RPR Mobile for Property Reports

National Association of Realtors members can take advantage of the new RPR Mobile app. Access the Realtors Property Resource database and send clients customized property and neighborhood reports all from your phone. 

16. AreaPulse for Market Data Reports 

Save time and effort by using AreaPulse to send your leads and clients professional-looking market data reports. The tool can automatically generate great looking charts and graphs that clients will appreciate. 

17. Parkbench for Local Neighborhood Marketing

You can build your network and reach new prospects in your preferred neighborhood with geo-centric website content on the Parkbench platform. You can become a local expert while building relationships and referrals. 

18. Animoto for Video Editing and Sharing

For a user-friendly way to whip up videos for property listings and client testimonials, Animoto is a great tool even if you’re not super tech savvy. Create and share polished, professional-looking clips then share online and with clients.

19. Videolicious for Video Creation and Marketing 

Splice together your shorter video clips, add watermarks, branding and logos and share your walk-through videos with Videolicious, including tools for teleprompter scripts, lower thirds, and background music. 

20. REveo for Virtual Property Tours 

Virtual walk-through videos are a must in today’s virtual real estate market and with REveo it’s easy for agents to make live or on-demand tours for clients that require no special tech or apps and can be viewed anywhere. 

Online marketing for real estate agents doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tools, you can save lots of time, nurture more leads and close more deals, all without leaving your computer. 

Speaking of time-saving tools, if you are looking for a way to streamline your real estate transaction communications, consider trying out Folio. Folio is our AI-powered add-on that integrates seamlessly with your email account, filtering and organizing your inbox automatically. It helps you manage your transaction communications so you can close on time with ease. 

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