About Us

Email is a 50-year-old technology, and it remains the most common business communication tool there is. Trouble is, it probably doesn’t work the way you do.

Amitree is solving the massive email productivity problem with an AI-powered approach. Our algorithms understand what an email is about and how your business works, so we can identify and sort emails into workflows that make sense for you. Then, that random, unstructured firehose of emails gets transformed into a powerful business organizer. All your stuff, organized and at your fingertips.

We started by solving this problem in the real estate space because it has one of the most difficult workflow problems out there. Everyone is under pressure, there are dozens of documents, multiple parties all working at the same time on different platforms.

Folio by Amitree

automatically detects a real estate professional’s transactions and organizes them in real time into Smart Folders

50 %

of all residential real estate transactions in the U.S. and Canada get organized with the help of Folio by Amitree

about folio


Do the Hard Things

Say and Do the Hard Things

At Amitree, we encourage direct but compassionate feedback. We ask the hard questions. We crave the things that often go unsaid.

Invest in Others

Invest in Others

Nobody builds success alone. We’re at our best when we help others around us gain more context, more confidence, and more ownership of decisions.

Be Informed

Be Informed

Context is key. We value those who are curious and who ask questions when they don’t understand. We encourage everybody to learn about all aspects of the business to be able to make the biggest impact.

Message from our Founder

When I bought my first home, my real estate agent amazed me. He was so good at his job and so passionate about being good at it! But I also observed that he had to spend a lot of time doing work that had little to do with what makes him so great. Most of this work had to do with the administrative work so many of us have to do to move through our job, but which has little to do with what makes us shine: finding documents, updating status, requesting status updates, finding a piece of information buried in an email thread, and so on. I felt that there had to be a solution and Folio was born, so that people can focus on what makes them great and we can help people do what they do best, even better.

Jonathan Aizen

Folio is now part of Inside Real Estate