Where is the AI that empowers instead of replaces?


September 16, 2019

Hardly a week goes by without some new report on how we’re on the cusp of eliminating entire industries and all the jobs that go along with them. It’s AI. It’s the ‘gig economy.’ It’s millennials!

So where do AI and automation fit in real estate, an industry where expertise and trust are key value drivers? The answer is everywhere. There’s AI that replaces, and there’s AI that empowers. We mostly hear about the former: self-driving cars and post-apocalyptic robots that can open doors and replace warehouses of workers. Man vs. machine.

But we hear far less about the AI that enables a real estate agent to give better advice because she has better intelligence, context, and time to focus on the real value she delivers. We hear far less about AI that makes us better at our jobs. The computer does the stuff the computer is best at so that we can do the stuff we’re best at. We can create immense value and do better work when we can automate the silly stuff.

That’s why we come to work every day at Amitree. We are building the world’s first smart email assistant. It’s not a website, it’s not an app, it’s a new category of software that plugs into your existing workflow and learns how you work. It makes it better.

We started with email because it’s the largest work surface in the world. It’s the one work platform with 100% adoption across all professionals, all industries, in all countries. And it SUCKS. It’s a horrible tool for work.

We use machine learning algorithms to understand the relationships between messages, attachments, and contacts. We detect transactions you’re working on and organize them into Smart Folders. We extract attachments and create document indexes so you don’t need to search for things. We reveal context so decisions can be made and advice is given based on the right information being all in one place. We create shared spaces where people can collaborate, and archive the ones you don’t need anymore so they’re out of your way. We turn your inbox into a powerful database, interconnected with the people you’re working with.

Our first product, Folio by Amitree, powers over 130,000 real estate agents’ workflow, representing over 50% of transactions in the United States and Canada. It’s the first industry we deployed our AI-empowerment technology into, and we’re freeing up an average of five to ten hours every week for each of our customers so that they can spend more time advising their customers and growing their businesses. That’s 700,000 hours every week, 36 million hours per year or 504,000 lifetimes of email and relationship building that our customers get back now.

We’re here to help our customers do what they do best, better. We’re here to use technology to automate the silly stuff so they can focus on the stuff that makes them stand out. We’re here to be the antidote to the AI that threatens to eat the world.

Who we are

We've built Folio: the first AI email assistant for professionals.

Folio plugs directly into your work email inbox and automatically organizes your email, giving you contextual access to all the information you need to increase your productivity in minutes.

We are a team of passionate product people and engineers that gets excited about solving complex processes and creating value for people.

We're a venture funded company backed by Accel Partners, Vertical Venture Partners, and other leading venture capital firms and angel investors such as Ash Patel and Jerry Yang.