Folio deep dive (w/ video) in Breakthrough Broker


July 31, 2019

“Most of your day-to-day activities and communications are conducted through your email, so it is absolutely crucial to keep your inbox organized, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. There are many programs, extensions, and plug-ins that tout the ability to boost productivity and keep your inbox clean, but how many out there are designed specifically with real estate agents in mind? The answer, not many. That’s why Folio really caught our attention.” – Breakthrough Broker

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Who we are

We've built Folio: the first AI email assistant for professionals.

Folio plugs directly into your work email inbox and automatically organizes your email, giving you contextual access to all the information you need to increase your productivity in minutes.

We are a team of passionate product people and engineers that gets excited about solving complex processes and creating value for people.

We're a venture funded company backed by Accel Partners, Vertical Venture Partners, and other leading venture capital firms and angel investors such as Ash Patel and Jerry Yang.