Can AI in the Workplace Make You More Productive?


August 10, 2021

Stay productive at your workplace with the help of AI

We all appreciate a little help sometimes, especially when the task at hand is important. More and more people are turning to artificial intelligence at work when they need an extra hand.

Artificial intelligence or AI is defined as a technology that simulates human intelligence using computers and it is everywhere. Today AI is used from factory automation to self-driving cars and digital personal assistants.

While AI technology has many industry applications, one of the most promising is the way it can help business professionals become more productive.

Here’s a look at how using AI in the workplace may be able to help you get more done and even make your job more enjoyable.

Artificial Intelligence at Work

When you think of artificial intelligence at work, you might picture automated machinery or even dancing robots. We are pretty sure that those are not the kind of tools you’ll find helpful in a cubicle.

But using AI at work is much more common than you think.

Digital personal assistants, such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant use AI to help you look up info and complete simple tasks like adding a meeting to your calendar.

Website chatbots like those used by Grubhub, Duolingo and Bank of America use AI to help you complete tasks like ordering lunch, brushing up on your Spanish or checking your balance.

Even the basic spam filter on your email account uses AI to help determine which messages to filter out.

And numerous productivity tools, like Amitree’s own Folio, use AI to help you automate your workflow and streamline even more of your routine tasks around the office.

In short, any time you find yourself asking questions about the key actions and triggers involved in your workflow like:

  • What needs to be done?
  • Who is this for?
  • How long should this take?
  • Who else is involved?
  • What’s next in the process?

It’s an opportunity to benefit from the assistance of an AI technology.

How Does AI Increase Productivity?

Using the simulated human intelligence of AI in the workplace isn’t about replacing you or your team members. It is more about helping to free up your time for more interesting and productive work.

If you’re asking yourself, “how does AI increase productivity?” you’re not alone. Despite its simplicity, AI tools can be very complex when it comes to the technology behind them.

There are different kinds of artificial intelligence technology, each with their own industry applications. When it comes to productivity in the workplace, these three are most important:

  • Automation – Used to scale up your productivity by automating repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently that an ordinary worker can do them.
  • Machine learning – Used to make simple work decisions automatically as the computer learns to detect patterns and incorporate your feedback.
  • Natural language processing – Used to save you time by automatically analyzing language in data and documents and deciding what to do with them.

AI and work are a natural pairing, since unlike people, computers don’t care if the work you give them is tedious or boring.

You can delegate many types of tasks to an AI system. Tasks such as managing your calendar and appointments, answering FAQs or automating alerts and notifications. AI systems can even track and analyze data to uncover key insights for your business processes.

With the extra help AI at work provides, you can then turn your attention to more important things. Work becomes more meaningful, since you have more time to exercise your creativity and work on complex problems.

How Does AI Improve Efficiency?

Individual productivity isn’t the only benefit of using AI in the workplace. The addition of an AI workflow in your workplace can also improve the efficiency of your whole organization.

A more efficient workplace is good for a lot of reasons. Here’s what AI at work could help you do:

  • Perform processes more quickly. The inefficiency of workflows can waste a great deal of time when tasks are passed between the different stages of a product. With so much of work driven by schedules and deadlines, speed can make all the difference. AI workflows can help boost performance, saving you time and even reducing errors. 
  • Get more accomplished. No matter what happens, there will only ever be 24 hours in a day. You won’t be able to accomplish as much if you have lots of tedious tasks that distract you from more important work. With the help of AI, you can delegate menial tasks to the computer so you can stay organized and focused and get more done.
  • Deliver better results for customers. Inefficiency affects customers and clients equally as it does workers and companies. Their own projects and processes often depend on you coming through on time and under budget. With the right AI tools, you can shorten timelines and reduce errors, which is a win-win for everyone.
  • Have more time for strategy. Without strategic thinking, it can feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. Right away, one of the key benefits of AI at work you’ll notice is having more time to think about strategically about your projects, career and business. It’s time saved that can help you set and reach goals that pay off in the long run.

The idea behind AI technology is to save more of your time and energy for the most engaging part of your job, with the idea that this will make you and your company more productive.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Increase Productivity for Your Work?

A lot of businesses already use some form of AI in the workplace, so you may already be benefiting from the technology. But if you’d like an AI-powered tool that can help you become even more productive, you could try out Folio.

Folio uses AI to solve many of the email productivity problems that slow you down and distract you from more important work.

Using advanced AI algorithms, Folio can organize your email into smart folders, add tasks to your to-do list, add due dates to your calendar, give reminders, and send out status updates automatically — without any extra work on your part. 

With Folio, there’s nothing to install and nothing new to learn. Folio lives inside your Gmail or Outlook inbox as an email add-on, helping you increase your productivity thanks to its AI workflow enhancements.

Start your free trial of Folio today and see how AI in the workplace can make you more productive.

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