How to Close Real Estate Transactions on Time (Part 2: Tools)


October 15, 2020

Close real estate transactions on time

In part two of this three-part series, we take a look at tools that help keep everybody on the same page so you can close your real estate transactions on time.

(And, in case you missed Part 1 where we covered transaction closing steps and process, you can check it out here.)

Tools to Close Real Estate Deals on Time

As a real estate agent, a lot of your attention is focused on helping clients navigate through the closing process with minimal delays and stress.

Knowing how to close on time often comes down to working smarter and the right set of tools can help all aspects of your business:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Documentation
  • Monitoring
  • Task management
  • Time management
  • Service

Here are 10 tools all real estate agents should be using to close deals on time with minimal stress.

1. Text Autoresponder

No one likes playing phone tag. It’s frustrating when you miss calls and texts, and as a real estate agent, it can dramatically slow down the closing process.

Autoresponder tools like SimpleTexting and Follow Up Boss let you automate your phone and text message communications so your clients and colleagues aren’t left hanging.

This is really useful for reducing no-shows and rescheduling appointments so your closings can stay on track.

2. Real Estate CRM

One of the downsides to using a CRM that isn’t built for real estate is that it can be trickier to move deals through your pipeline efficiently.

Purpose-built real estate CRM tools such as Propertybase and BoomTown are a great way to organize and manage leads, contacts, listings and workflows.

A real estate CRM helps you simplify your daily tasks, monitor the closing process, and make sure your other listings and potential new clients aren’t falling through the cracks.

3. Project Management

A brokerage team can be a great help with the closing process, but it’s tough to keep everyone on the same page when there are so many moving parts in a transaction.

Project management tools like Trello can be a life-saver, letting you keep track of tasks for multiple listings, open houses, and transactions.

The ability to create projects, assign tasks to your team members, and check the status of the transaction as it moves through each stage can be a real game-changer for your brokerage.

4. Business Templates

Info sheets help guide first-time buyers through a real estate transaction without a hitch, but it takes time to sit down and make them.

The business templates from Breakthrough Broker are incredibly useful to any real estate agent. You can quickly customize brandable templates, such as a real estate terminology cheat sheet, closing checklist, or moving checklist, and share it with your clients.

By using these ready-made templates you can provide stellar service to your clients while saving yourself time answering FAQs and sending reminder emails.

5. Document Editing

Things can really hit a snag if an out-of-date document needs a quick edit and you are not near your computer.

If you haven’t upgraded from the old Microsoft Office to Office 365, you’re missing out on some nice new features, such as cloud-based access, live collaboration, and enhanced security.

The new features help make sure you can work on your documents from anywhere so you stay on track.

6. Video Conferencing

Pulling up a PDF and joining a virtual meeting are second nature for real estate agents, but not all homebuyers are as tech savvy.

Luckily, pretty much everyone has a Gmail account, meaning even the less technically inclined can open your PDFs, add your meeting to their calendar alerts, and join your Google Hangout.

For more info, check out our post covering everything a real estate agent needs to know for video conferencing.

7. Calendar Scheduling

With back and forth emails, texts, and calls, it’s easy for something to get double-booked, setting back the timeline to close.

An all-in-one calendar scheduling tool like Calendly can help make sure you don’t double-book while also cutting down on email tag. You can connect all your calendars, set your availability, and let clients choose an available slot.

It’s really great to have one link you can send everyone involved in the closing that needs to book time with you.

8. File Hosting

Emailing large documents has its faults. Most agents know what it’s like to deal with spam filters, lost messages and missing attachments.

Using a cloud-based file hosting app like Google Drive or Dropbox makes it easy to store and access all your transaction documents safely and securely online.

Having access to the files you need when you need them is crucial for making sure deals stay on track.

9. Email Organizing

The email inbox of a busy real estate agent can go downhill fast with important communications lost in the noise causing avoidable delays.

An email organizing tool like Folio helps you stay on top of transaction communications. Not to brag (okay, maybe a little), but Folio uses AI-powered algorithms to filter and organize your inbox so all your transaction communications are at your fingertips.

With Folio, you can monitor the closing process right from your inbox, making sure everything is happening in accordance with the closing timeline.

Look Like a Pro,

Close Like a Pro

10. Electronic Signing

Chasing down signatures before COVID-19 wasn’t fun, but now there’s an added layer of complexity.

An electronic signing service such as DocuSign saves time, since documents can be signed securely online. DocuSign is legally binding in all 50 states and accessible from any device.

Collecting and storing signed transaction documents online helps keep your closing process on track. Plus as a Folio partner, DocuSign integration brings the process of getting signatures right into your inbox.

Clients buying or selling a home right now are looking for an agent who can help make their transaction as stress-free and time efficient as possible. With the right tools you can close on time every time – while making it all look easy.

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