7 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Improve Their Productivity


December 9, 2020

Real estate productivity tips

A real estate agent’s day can be packed with client meetings, open houses, and closing tasks. Half of knowing how to manage a real estate business is juggling all these responsibilities.

Boosting productivity is a great way to get more done. Incorporating the right real estate productivity apps into your work can make a huge difference for your business.

Here’s a list of our 7 favorite ways for real estate agents to boost productivity. Each tip is paired with great real estate agent productivity software recommendations to help you!

1. Identify Your Most Productive Hours

Have you ever thought about whether you are an early-bird or a night-owl? Recent research suggests many people might even be at their most productive right after lunch.

Identifying your own best hours can transform your real estate business, because you’ll be able to take full advantage of your peak productivity.

Find your peak by spending a couple weeks tracking when you usually feel the most focused and motivated. Look for a pattern, then try blocking that time out each day for your most demanding client or transaction tasks.

Real Estate Productivity Apps to Help Identify Your Best Hours

Identifying your most productive hours is easier with a little help. You can use apps like Harvest and Toggl to track time spent on each task and get insight about when and where you’re putting the most time.

Tips for real estate productivity

2. Work on Your Morning Routine

A good morning routine can be transformative for your personal life as well as your real estate business. The key to a routine is making it something you can repeat every morning, before you have to jump into your main day’s work.

A morning routine can include breakfast with family, a workout, yoga, walking, meditation, journaling, or anything you enjoy. Check out My Morning Routine if you need inspiration.

Real Estate Productivity Apps to Help Your Morning Routine

For a little help with your mornings, try the Alarmy app for a motivational alarm clock that will help you get up and going on time. Use the Oak app for mediation and breathing exercises or practice mindfulness with the Headspace app. Or get super organized with Morning Routine.

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3. Stay Focused During Your Workday

A good morning routine helps get real estate agents off to a good start, but what about the middle or end of the day when you find yourself having a hard time focusing?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by a full plate or let your mind wander as you do your most tedious tasks. Using tricks such as the Pomodoro Technique, where you focus on one task then celebrate by taking a short break, can help you power through.

Real Estate Productivity Apps to Help You Focus

There are a lot of great apps to help you stay focused during the day. Apps like Focus To-Do and Focus Keeper help you utilize the Pomodoro Technique to boost your productivity. Forest app coaxes you to grow a beautiful digital forest by staying on task. Or try background noise, such as nature sounds from Noisli or the bustle of a trendy coffeehouse with Coffitivity.

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4. Create an Evening Routine

Evening routines can be just as important as morning routines. All work and no play not only leads to a dull life, it’s recipe for burnout.

Taking time to eat well, unwind, work out, spend time with friends and family, and do activities you enjoy is time well spent.

But it’s also a trick that will help you recharge so you’re ready for another productive day spent furthering your real estate business tomorrow.

Real Estate Productivity Apps to Help Your Evening Routine

Apps are a great help after work, too. Try Mealboard for help with shopping and meal planning or Paprika if you’re looking for smart grocery lists. Use the Strong app to track your workout progress. sleepyti.me

5. Stick to Your Routines

Routines only work if you stick to them. To truly improve your productivity, you have to follow through.

Getting off track with either your morning or evening routine is likely to throw off your whole day. And it could be difficult to get back on track. Many people even keep their routines going on the weekends to help get a better start on Monday morning.

While the work schedule of a real estate agent can vary throughout the week, a stricter morning and evening routine can help ground you, even if you need more flexibility during the day.

Real Estate Productivity Apps to Help You Stick to Your Routines

There are some great apps to help you stay on track, such as the Streaks app to build good habits with a morning to-do list. Try Momentum to build new habits and Habitica to motivate you to keep up with them, or Coach.me to get help from a pro.

6. Focus on Your “MITs”

Productivity is about accomplishing what needs to get done. If you can’t make it through your list, your productivity isn’t going to improve.

If you find your routines and to-do lists getting too long and unrealistic, sometimes it’s better to pull back and focus on just a few main MITs or Most Important Tasks, as Leo Babauta calls them.

Focusing on 2–3 MITs can help you make progress on long-term goals, which can help motivate you to be more productive.

Real Estate Productivity Apps to Help You Focus on MITs

Apps can be a big help when you’re setting your MITs and checking them off. The Todoist app can help you free up mental space and organize everything you need to do. Or try 24me for a smart virtual assistant that can even integrate with your CRM.

7. Streamline Your Communication

Real estate agent productivity tips for email

One of the biggest drains on a real estate agent’s productivity can be filtering through the noise in your email inbox. A disorganized inbox can easily add hours of extra work to your week, slowing you down.

Managing your real estate email communications is essential, since this is where all your important transaction communications take place.

And if you can move deals through the closing process more efficiently, it will have a huge impact on your overall productivity.

Real Estate Productivity Apps to Help You Streamline Communication

At Amitree, we’re focused on helping you be more productive and saving you time on email with our Folio email add-on. It’s made just for real estate agents, with AI-powered algorithms that sort your inbox into workflows that make sense for your real estate business. With Gmail and Outlook integrations, it’s an easy way to further boost your productivity and get the most out of your week.

Improving your productivity doesn’t have to mean spending more hours at the office. With the right tricks and tech helping, you can streamline your work day, get more done, and enjoy life to its fullest.

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