Feature Spotlight: PDF Download


July 23, 2019

Q: You just got a legal notice informing you that a former client or partner has a dispute about a transaction. You need to get all the email communication from that transaction. How long will this take you?

a. 5 hours

b. 10 hours

c. Gee wiz I have no idea, that’s a lot of searching and hunting for emails and maybe I’d even miss one

If you use Folio, the answer to this is: immediately*. Folio’s dead-simple “Download emails as PDF” feature is silently one of the biggest time savers for real estate agents. Here’s a quick video showing how it works, and how it saved one agent from a pretty sticky situation.

Even if you never have any legal claims to deal with as an agent (and we hope you don’t), most states have regulations that require recordkeeping of all transaction emails — for years after the transaction closes. Get out ahead of it and use this feature to neatly export a .pdf that you can send to your broker, upload to your transaction management platform (like Skyslope: instructions here), or store yourself for safekeeping.

*our servers take up to 24 hours to process and send you the finished .pdf, but your part is done immediately!

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