10 Handy Real Estate Follow-Up Email Templates


June 8, 2022

Real Estate Email Templates

Email is the favorite communication medium for almost everyone — including home buyers and sellers. But no real estate agent wants to spend their days writing the same emails over and over again. That’s why there are templates. 

Following up with clients is fast and easy when you use real estate follow-up email templates. Here are 10 free real estate email templates you can use today. 

Why and How to Use Real Estate Email Templates

Real estate email templates are really handy — you write a great email once and use it again and again with all your clients whenever you need it. 

Templates save time, making you more efficient, but they also make you a more consistent professional. 

Using templates, you’ll follow up sooner and more consistently, while making fewer typos and always making sure to include the necessary details. 

You can create real estate follow-up email templates for just about any situation — from property valuation emails to open house follow-ups, referral requests and more

A template includes variables that you can switch out, letting you write [this] when following up with one client and [that] when following up with another. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. 

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Try These Real Estate Follow-Up Email Templates

Below, you’ll find 10 handy real estate follow-up email templates you can start using right now. Just tweak the details to suit your own business and the clients you’re following up with. 

You can save a lot of time with a repeatable process, such as developing a template for listing feedback follow-up emails, like this one: 

Listing Feedback Follow-Up Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] Re: Listings… What did you think?

Hi [Name], 

Just dropping you a note to see if you were able to view the listing info I sent over [last Wednesday]. If needed, I can put a hard copy in the mail to you, or drop one off in person. 

I’d be interested to know your thoughts on these [first three homes]. Do you like any of them? Are we missing any features you need? Have any new questions for me after seeing these? 

If you’d like to take a look at any of these properties in person, we can do that. I am happy to set up a time to tour these or any other listings that interest you. 

In this market, homes like these can go under contract fast and it can be tricky get on their schedule, so be sure to let me know as soon as you see something you like. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes open for more potential matches that tick all your boxes and you please do the same. 

Thank you! 

[Agent Signature]

P.S. – Be sure to shoot me a quick note with your thoughts — it helps me fine-tune the listings I’m sending you. 

P.S. – Don’t be afraid of postscripts — they’re one of the most read parts of an email. 

When you are further along in the process with your buyer leads, it’s also very useful to have a follow-up email template for buyers to use after showings: 

Showing Follow-Up Email

[SUBJECT LINE:] Re: The home we saw [yesterday]…

Hi [Name], 

Thank you for your time [yesterday] — it was great to meet you! 

I wanted to follow up to see how you felt about [street address] overall. I know you were unsure about [prospect’s concern] as we looked around, but on the other hand, [offer a different perspective or suggest a solution]. 

They expect this one to sell fast, so if you are interested, let’s connect soon to discuss next steps. 

Many thanks!

[Agent Signature]

P.S. – If you’re not sure about this one, no worries. I’m also attaching a list of more homes I think could work for you. How about [next Sunday] again for showings? Let me know which ones you want to see soon? — I want to make sure we can get a spot on their schedules. 

Be sure to give your email recipient a couple of options in a situation like this and remember to ask for a response. 

Buyers also need a quick follow-up after they’ve attended one of your open houses

Open House Follow-up Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] Thanks for stopping by!

Hi [Name], 

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop by the open house at [street address] on [day of the week]. It was great meeting you! 

How did you feel about the property? I’d love to get your feedback. 

I remember you said you were particularly interested in [neighborhood] and there are several more great properties here that I can show you — including one [that has x special feature / that just came on the market / that has a lot of potential]. Please see the attached listing info. 

It would be great to find out more about what you’re looking for. I know [neighborhood] very well and have been [an agent / a broker] in the area here for [x years] so you’re in great hands. 

Give me a call at [555-555-5555] and we can set up a time to meet and discuss! 

Thanks again! 

[Agent Signature] 

As for sellers, make sure you create some templates for these kinds of leads. This follow-up email can be used after a first meeting: 

Seller Follow-Up Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] [Name], let’s chat about selling your home


Thanks so much for taking time out of your day on [day of the week] to talk about the potentially selling your home! It was a pleasure meeting you and learning about [street address]. 

Just to confirm, you’re looking at a timeline of [date range] to sell and thinking the property is currently worth about [$xxx,xxx]. Is that still correct? 

Our next steps will be for me to create a customized valuation report for [street address], send it over and for us to discuss. I’ll have my report to you by [date]. Is there a time next week we can schedule to discuss the findings? 

In the meantime, I’ve got resources for current sellers on my website here [link] and my number is [555-555-5555] if you have any other questions. 

Thanks again for your time!

[Agent Signature]

Use this follow-up email template for sellers who are ready to find out what their home is worth: 

Valuation Follow-Up Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] Home value for [street address]

Hi [Name], 

Are you still interested in finding out what your home is worth? I can provide you with a custom report on you home’s value if we can find a time where I can stop by to take a quick look at the property firsthand. 

Looking at my schedule, I have time available at [time and date], [time and date] and [time and date]. Do any of those work for you? 

My number is [555-555-5555] if you have any other questions. 

Thanks again!

[Agent Signature]

When you’re ready to sign a contract with a new client, it saves a lot of time to have an email template ready to go. This one can be adapted for either a buyer’s agent agreement or a listing agreement: 

Real Estate Agreement Follow Up Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] Re: Next steps for your [home search / home sale]

Hi [Name],

It was a pleasure meeting you and [spouse’s name] on [day of the week]! 

I really appreciate how detailed [you / you both] were describing your real estate needs. It really helps me feel confident I can help [find you exactly the house / get you exactly the price] you’re looking for. 

Please take a look at the [buyer’s agent agreement / listing agreement] I sent over on [date] and let me know what questions you have. 

Once you’re ready to move forward, we can turn our attention to helping you [find your new home / prepare your home to list]. 

I am proud to say that so far this year, we have already helped [x] families [find their dream home / sell their home for top dollar], so you can rest easy knowing you will be working with a great team of experts committed to meeting your [home buying / home selling] needs. 

Once again, we’re so excited to be working with you and do let me know if you have questions. 

Thanks so much! 

[Agent Signature] 

If you have a lead who stops responding to your messages, a handy email template makes it that much easier to follow up and try to get a home buying or selling conversation started: 

Unresponsive Lead Follow Up Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] Re: Your home [purchase / sale] in [area] 

Hi [Name], 

I received your info [at the open house you attended at (x) address / with the home valuation request you submitted online / through a referral by (name)] regarding you wanting to [buy / sell] a property in [area]. Is that still the case? 

If yes, it would be great to touch base about your needs on a quick call. I have time available at [time and date], [time and date] and [time and date]. Do any of those work for you?

Thanks so much!

[Agent Signature] 

P.S. – If there’s been a mistake and you don’t need to [buy / sell] right now, just let me know. I can delete your data from my system so I don’t overload your inbox. 

Referrals are a boon to real estate agents and always something you want to follow up on since a personal connection already exists. Here’s a template to engage your referring client in the process: 

Referral Follow Up Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] Re: [Referral’s name] home [purchase / sale] 

Hi [Name], 

Was your [friend / relative] [friend’s name / relative’s name] still [looking for a new home / needing to sell their home]? 

It was great helping you [find your home / sell your home], and I think now is a great time for [friend’s name / relative’s name] to [find what they’re looking for / get a great price for their home]. 

I have [a list of great properties that just came on the market / a new report on the latest market trends] I can share with them. When would be a good time for a conference call for some casual introductions? 


[Agent Signature] 

Following up with home buyers after their sale is crucial and you’ll save lots of time using templates. The template below is great when you’re following up with clients celebrating one year in their new home, but it also easily adapts for any subsequent home anniversary: 

One Year Post-Sale Follow-Up Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] Happy Home Anniversary! 

Dear [Name], 

Congratulations on [your first year] in your new home! I can’t believe it’s already been [a year]! Are you enjoying life at [street address]? I hope so. It was so great working with you! 

If you know of any friends or family who are looking to buy or sell in [area], please feel free to give them my [number / email]. It’s always so rewarding to work with great folks. 

If there’s anything else I can help with, please let me know. 

Congratulations again! 

[Agent Signature] 

Even if it’s been years since you spoke to a client, it can be very beneficial to reconnect. 

Just think — maybe they’ve gotten another promotion, there’s another baby on the way or they’d just like to try a different neighborhood and it’s time to sell. 

Or it’s possible they’re thinking about pulling out some equity and need a valuation, or they have other friends in their circle who are getting ready to buy or sell this year. 

No matter the situation, by sending an email like this, you can become top of mind:  

Reconnecting with a Past Client Email 

[SUBJECT LINE:] Was just thinking about you!

Hi [Name], 

I was in [neighborhood / area] this weekend to meet a client and drove by [property address] and thought of you. How are you and [your family / spouse name / kids names] doing? 

It’s been a while since we worked together on [buying / selling] [address], so I thought I would check in and see if there’s anything new I can help you with? For example, are you interested in a free, no-strings-attached appraisal of your current home? 

Also, if you have any family or friends thinking about buying or selling in [area], please feel free to give them my [number / email]. It’s always so rewarding to work with great folks. 

If there’s anything else I can help with, please let me know. It would be great to catch up!

Thanks again!

[Agent Signature] 

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How to Save Even More Time on Email

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