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what is the meaning of CC in email

What Is CC in Email?

CC is a handy method for sending copies of an email to additional people to keep them in the loop. It sounds pretty simple, and it is — but there's a whole email etiquette for how to use CC in email the right way.

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CC and BCC - what is the difference and how to use them in Gmail
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too many emails in your inbox - here is the solution
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what is inbox zero in Gmail and how to achieve it in 2021
gmail desktop app

How to Get Gmail as a Desktop App

Gmail is probably one of your most-used applications. You might even keep it open all day in your web browser — but what if you want to skip the browser and just focus on using Gmail on desktop for your work?

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how successful people stay productive - 3 secrets
a productivity app can help you save time at work

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