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How it works

  • Automatic email organization by clients and transactions
    • Smart Folders organize email, attachments, contacts & key dates and puts them at your fingertips
    • Never search for an email or document again
    • One-click archive & export all transaction communication for compliance
  • Quick & easy timelines to keep everyone on track
    • Easily add key dates to each transaction, right from your inbox
    • Sync with Google or Outlook calendar & set reminders
    • Share a professional timeline website with other parties in the transaction
    • Easily share status updates with everyone involved
  • Syncs with the apps you know and love
    • DocuSign integration for faster, easier signatures, right from your email
    • Google Drive sync turns your inbox into a lightweight, collaborative transaction manager
    • Transforms GSuite or Office365 into tools tailor-made for real estate professionals
  • Works with your team
    • Shared access to Smart Folders for your assistant and others you work with
    • Creates visibility for transaction partners like your lender
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Save hours per week

  • Emails, dates, contacts, and attachments all organized and at your fingertips
  • Spend less time searching, more time with your clients
  • No more sending the same update to multiple people all the time

Keep everyone on track

  • No more frantic client phone calls
  • Set calendar reminders for yourself and others
  • Automatically loop in your assistant or coordinator on every step of a transaction

Look like a pro effortlessly

  • Timeline websites you control guide your clients through the process
  • Clients see all the work you’re doing behind the scenes
  • Get more referrals with zero extra work

“It makes me look like I have an assistant when really, I am my own assistant right now.”

Celeste Barr


celeste - testimonial

“It is nice when you have somebody behind or something that helps you, remind you of things that are really important.”

Valerie Jarnberg

Broker Associate

valerie - testimonial

“No matter how busy I am, I’m able to keep everybody updated in real-time.”

Erin Prouty

Transaction Coordinator

erin - testimonial

“The timelines are great, and that’s my favorite part about Folio.”

Jessica Janét


“It gets everybody on the same page, and everybody makes sure their dates and deadlines jive.”

Paul Hickman


“It syncs with our google calendar that we were already using to keep on track.”

Jennifer Reeve

Transaction Coordinator

“I love this! It keeps everyone updated with transaction details. Your folders are automatically created and you can create templates to accommodate different timelines (i.e., 60, 45, 20 and 15 day escrows).”

Portia B Norwood

“I started using Folio just over a week ago and so far I love it! I’ve been looking for a way to organize my Gmail account without going back to Outlook! This is it! Love the timeline too. Adds it directly to my google calendar. Awesome!”

Renee Edly

“Been using for a little over a week and my clients and lenders are loving it! Anything to make my life easier! So glad someone thought of this!”

Scott & Cherie Goldsmith

“I love the Folio file organizer. It really is user friendly and keeps all my files organized. The visual is great and I like how the information timeline pops up on the side when I am emailing my clients!”

Kimberly Hoadley

Kimberly Hoadley

“When I need something fast, all I have to do is click that address. Any of the reports, any of the responses to the reports, any of the deep-digging and the receipts I file… Folio has just saved me enormously on a day-to-day basis.”

Debbie St.James


“This software saves me 2 hours per transaction and keeps me more organized throughout the process. Time is money and this program is an absolute must! I love it”

Ben Coughanour


  • What is Folio by Amitree?

    Folio is the first smart email assistant for busy professionals. Once you connect your inbox, it gets to work organizing your emails and related documents, attachments, and contacts. Never search for ‘that document’ again. Everything you need for your business is right there at your fingertips and is designed especially for professionals who manage complex processes like real estate transactions.

    Key Features:

    • Automatically organizes email into Smart Folders by sender, topic, or project
    • Contextual sidebar in your email (via the Folio Chrome extension) that shows you all related emails, documents, calendar events, and contacts for each Smart Folder & sender
    • Project timelines that keep everyone in sync
    • Google Drive integration
    • DocuSign integration
  • How does Folio work?

    Just connect your Gmail or Office 365 inbox and Folio will get to work to intelligently find and organize your important emails.

    Do you work in Gmail? Continue to work directly inside your inbox with our Chrome enabled sidebar; no switching between programs. Folio will gather all your emails, contacts, documents and magically put them in one easy to find location, showing up alongside your emails.

    Create timelines to share important tasks and events to keep everyone in the loop. Plus, your events will automatically sync with your calendar. Don’t worry, your emails and private contacts won’t be shared.

  • How does Folio keep my information private and secure?

    Amitree hosts your information on our secure infrastructure which runs on Heroku and Amazon, industry leaders in providing secure services for thousands of companies you know and trust. These companies are deeply invested in providing a secure infrastructure and have invested tremendously in doing so.

    As official Google partners, we are held to the highest standards of security and privacy. We go through an annual comprehensive Google audit to certify we are following their guidelines to keep your data safe, secure, and private, which you can learn more about here.

  • Will Folio do anything to my contacts and calendar?

    Folio needs access to your contacts and calendar to seamlessly sync Folio timeline events to your calendar and allow you to edit your contacts through Folio.

    Folio will never delete your contacts, calendars, emails, or files. We use the access you grant to create separate contact folders and calendars that Folio then manages to keep your versions untouched. The permissions Folio requests may seem scary but you can read more about what we do with them and why we need them here.

  • What is the cost?

    Folio is free to use with up to three Smart Folders at a time. When you first sign up, you receive a free 14-day trial to Folio Pro, which allows you unlimited Smart Folders. If you do not upgrade before the end of your trial, you will not be charged and you can continue using Folio for free with up to three Smart Folders.

    There is no credit card required to get started, no contract or obligation to continue when you use the free version of Folio. Learn more about our pricing here or visit our plans page.

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