About Amitree

Our Mission

Buying a home is one of life’s biggest financial and emotional decisions. We’re here to make it less stressful, more predictable, and more organized. We’ve built Folio: the first AI powered operating system for real estate transactions. Folio automatically organizes key transaction details and data to take the stress out of the process for both real estate agents and their clients.

We are a team of passionate product people and engineers that gets excited about solving complex processes and creating value for our users with AI and machine learning. We’re currently looking for full-stack engineers, data scientists and machine learning experts to add to our team in San Francisco.

We’re a venture funded company backed by Accel Partners, Vertical Venture Parters, and other leading venture capital firms and angel investors.

How We Work

At Amitree, we've built our processes around agile and lean methodologies. The benefit is that we are user-centric and learn and react quickly. We don't take ourselves too seriously though - we practice these methods with a practical emphasis, not a religious one. As a result, we get to see the outcome of our work very quickly and interact directly, deeply, and often with our users.

We do daily standups, weekly iteration planning meetings, and weekly retros. The entire team is involved in our user research process, which involves user interviews for determining needs and assessing usability. We are rigorous about test driven development, we pair program, and we have a very robust (and fun) continuous deployment architecture where engineers simply tag commits with story IDs, if the build passes the story gets delivered and deployed to staging, and if the product manager approves the story, it goes right to production. We deploy multiple times a day.

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Founding Team

Jonathan Aizen
Jonathan Aizen
Founder & CEO

Jonathan has been founding Internet companies for over two decades. Prior to founding Amitree, he was founder & COO at Dapper which was acquired by Yahoo!. He is a frequent speaker at Inman Connect and writes a bi-monthly column for agents and broker/owners.
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Paul Knegten
Paul Knegten
Co-Founder & COO

As co-founder and COO, Paul leads Amitree's acquisition and product marketing and is responsible for Amitree's user growth. He previously held executive roles at MediaMath and Dapper (acquired by Yahoo!). Paul holds a BA and MBA from Northwestern University.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have. We'd love to hear from you.

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