Frequently asked questions
What is Amitree?

Our name "Amitree" combines two words: "Amity" represents friendliness and empathy, which we believe are core to building great software and the "tree" represents growth and setting roots. We built Amitree to make the home buying and selling experience better for everyone.

Our products focus on empowering real estate agents by simplifying their workflow so they can deliver the best experience to their clients.

What is Folio?

Folio helps busy real estate agents organize and manage their transactions right from their email inbox. When you connect Folio to your email inbox, Folio analyzes your inbox for keywords and phrases that identify that an email thread is about a transaction. it then automatically categorizes the emails, files, and contacts related to each transaction (like magic!).

What is a shared timeline?

Shared timelines are a place for agents and their clients to keep track of important dates, and help them stay on track. To create a timeline, first add dates for each of your transactions in Folio. After you have a timeline in Folio, select the people you want to share it with. Timelines are also synced with you and your clients' calendars.

How do Smart Folders work in Folio?

Smart Folders automatically know which emails, files, and contacts belong to each transaction and organizes them for agents. You can add or remove emails from Smart Folders and you can archive them if you don't want to see them anymore.

To add a Smart Folder on your own, click on the "Folio" button in Gmail, Choose "Create Smart Folder" and enter the address of the transaction and create. Folio will then start to automatically add emails related to that address to your new Smart Folder.

To remove a Smart Folder, click on the Folio button on top of your Gmail and select the "archive" option for the folder you wish to remove.

Does Folio move my emails from my inbox?

No, Folio doesn't actually modify or move your emails in any way. It uses Gmail's built-in labeling system to categorize emails into Smart Folders, but you will always be able to find them in your inbox as usual.

How does Folio work on my mobile device?

We don't currently have a mobile app, but Folio syncs with your email and calendar. All of your smart folders will show up in your mobile inbox, and you'll see dates you've added to the timeline on your mobile calendar app.

What if I don't have Gmail or don't use Chrome?

Today, we only support Gmail and Chrome users. If you're a Gmail user and you don't use Chrome, we urge you to give it a shot and see if Folio makes it worth switching. If you would like to try Folio, please install Google Chrome and use your Gmail email account.

How do I uninstall Folio?

To uninstall Folio, go to your Chrome Settings > Extensions, find the Folio extension and either disable it or uninstall. If you uninstall Folio it will only remove your Smart Folder labels. Folio will not alter, create or delete emails of any kind if you uninstall.

How do you use my information?

We take your personal and professional privacy very seriously. We only use your information to help organize your transactions at your discretion. We also may collect usage information to help our engineering team identify bugs and usability problems with Folio. To learn more, visit our Privacy Policy.

When you delete your Amitree account, we delete your information from our servers. Some information may be retained in our logs indefinitely. The labels added to your Gmail account may also remain under your account for a short period after uninstalling. If you do not use any of Amitree’s products other than Folio, then uninstalling Folio results in deleting your Amitree account.

Is my information secure?

Amitree hosts your information on our secure infrastructure which runs on Heroku and Amazon, industry leaders in providing secure services for thousands of companies you know and trust. These companies are deeply invested in providing secure infrastructure and have invested tremendously in doing so. Learn more about how Heroku provides best-in-class security here: You can read about Amazon’s security here:

What happened to the previous versions of Amitree for agents?

If you use our previous products for agents to help in-contract buyers through the home buying process and respond to new leads, those are still available and you can continue to use them. As of April 2016, we’ll be dialing back support for these products.