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C.A.R. members, meet Folio

The first Gmail assistant for real estate agents that organizes transactions and keeps everyone on track

Organize Emails
Automatically organize transactions
Folio automatically places emails into Smart Folders for each one of your transactions.
Documents & files at a glance
Easily find important documents and contacts for each transaction you're working on.
Timelines to share with clients
Share timelines with clients so they can see what’s coming up during closing, and see your preferred service providers.
Calendar sync
Calendar sync
When you add or change a date in the timeline, dates are automatically synced to everyone’s calendar.
Reminders and notes
Reminders and notes
Set up reminders or notes for your clients at any step during closing: from inspections through insurance to the loan deadline.
Service providers and resources
Service providers and resources
Set up your timelines to automatically add your preferred service providers and resources for your clients.

Keep your clients on track with timelines

Each transaction in Folio comes with its own beautiful timeline that you can share with clients

Syncs between the apps you use most

Chrome extension for Gmail
Sync with Google Calendar
Connect to Docusign
Easily find transaction emails, contacts and dates in Gmail with the Chrome extention installed.
When you add or change a date in the timeline, dates are automatically synced to Google Calendar.
Send out documents for signatures from your inbox. Just connect Folio to your Docusign account.
"Love it, It's very daunting to make sure all my transactions are in their folder. I love how it automatically goes into the right folder!"
Robin Howard, Real Estate Broker at Robin's Nest Realty
"I absolutely LOVE Folio! It makes it a snap to find all emails, files, contacts,and dates that pertain to one transaction. And now all the important dates automatically transfer to my Google calendar! Awesome!”
Petra Thomas, Real Estate Agent